Bylaw adopting a code of ethics for municipal employees

– 415-2018

Bylaw adopting a code of ethics for municipal elected officers

– 411-2018 (in french)

Bylaw regarding the installation of a safety valve (check valve)


Bylaw regarding the remuneration payable during municipal elections and referendums

– 429-2016

Bylaw regarding the use of drinking water

– 427-2016

Bylaw on waste management

– 424-2016

Bylaw regarding parking

– 417-2014

Bylaw regarding nuisances and governing other economic activities

– 414-2019 (in french)

Bylaw regarding fire prevention


Bylaw taxation for 2019

– 401-2019

Bylaw regarding permits and certificates

– Administrative version (in french)

Bylaw regarding construction

–  Bylaw 341-2017 (in french)

Bylaw regarding allotment

– Administrative version (in french)

          Public Notice

Bylaw regarding town planning

– Administrative version (in french)

Bylaw regarding zoning

– Administrative version (in french)