Application for Permit

To obtain a permit you must submit all the documents listed on the form with as much information as possible and in accordance with our municipal bylaws. The inspector assigned to your application reserves the right to require any additional documents or information that may give him a better understanding of your project. Please note that incomplete or missing documents may delay the issuance of the certificate and that misleading information may cancel your application or make your certificate non-valid.

This application does not constitute at any time a complete application or an authorization.




The Zoning Specifications Grid


Zoning map


Urban zoning map


Administrative version – Town planning bylaw (in french)


Administrative version – Zoning bylaw (in french)


Administrative version – Allotment bylaw (in french)


Administrative version – Permits and certificates bylaw (in french)

Members of the Town planning committee (CCU)


Daniel Fréchette


Rosemary Lowe


Annie Duhaime


Luc Lemieux

The Municipality of Bury is looking for citizens interested in filling a position  on the Town Planning Committee (CCU). The council entrusts the committee to study and make recommendations regarding minor exemptions, conditional uses and other applications related to land planning.

If the challenge interests you, please send your application to the following address:



Town Planning

Municipality of Bury

569, Main Street,

Bury (Quebec)  J0B 1J0

Or by email:



Phone: 819-560-8414, ext. 2803


Request for minor exemption