Water meters

Since a few years, we do not meet the requirements established by the Ministry. Therefore, we are under the obligation, to promote responsible drinking water consumption and ensure the preservation of this precious resource, to proceed with the installation of water meters on industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, as stipulated in the water meter bylaw number 433-2018. This project falls under the Drinking Water Strategy of the Quebec government, which is mandated by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing of Quebec (MAMH), to reduce the drinking water consumption by at least 20%.

MAMH also requires that the Municipality conducts a sampling in residential buildings in order to evaluate the water consumption. A random draw will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2019, at 3:00 pm at the municipal office located at 569 Main Street in Bury.

Twenty (20) residences will have to be equipped with a meter. Therefore, we will proceed to the drawing of thirty (30) properties in order to provide a greater selection in case of a problem with the installation. Certain properties have been previously selected in order to obtain more diversified statistics over the entire territory served by the aqueduct system.

The charging method will be established in the 2020 taxation bylaw, for the purchase, installation of the meter as well as the drinking water consumption of industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.

Until the obligation by the Ministry to install meters on all properties, the twenty (20) selected properties will have NO CHARGE for purchasing, installation and the consumption of drinking water. The charging method will remain the same, that is, a fixed amount ant not a charge on consumption.

The properties concerned will receive a letter indicating the next steps starting in September.